Byrn & Annlie’s Wedding

I can say that their wedding was also an awaited moment for me and my classmates in the sense that we gonna see Byrn march down the aisle with his beautfiul bride, but also we classmates (MMA Batch 1990) will get to see each other again.  There are still many of us who are here in the Philippines this time but we seldom get together unless we really plan for it that we have to meet at a certain time.  Though we have scheduled several reunions in the past 2 years, we still did not have the perfect attendance because not all of our batchmates are here in the Philippines.

So let’s talk of the wedding.  I arrived at the Pearlmont Inn with Fermel a lil bit past 9.  And the groom was there waiting at the lobby with a big smile.  Beautiful kaayo ang groom…Promise! hahahaha. I did want to photo him but my mind was set into changing my attire as there were already many visitor miling around the area.  Nanette was already there.  I think she was the first who arrived or maybe her and Meriam together because when i came out of the rest room, clothes changes, they were already there.  We settled ourselves on the table we want to be during the program but after awhile i went up the stage to take photo of the decorations, the cake, and everything up there.  But in mind too, i want to take a close up photo of the beautiful groom.  The beautiful bride was still in the hotel room so i did not join the group waiting outside the door.  One thing that really attracted me to come up the stage is their collage of their sweetheart days photos –

– cute kaayo sila –

– feelign kaayo si Byrn that i also think that it looks like they were just playing.  I was really wishing that all classmates were there to witness the program but i know those abroad can’t make it.  Adn those who are sitll in the Philippines, some far some near and each are tied up to their own schedules. Haiii Nice na kaayo among plano ni Melody that Saturday then when i called her up 7 am Sunday, she told me she can’t make it coz the baby has to be brought to the hospital.  Julito is here in iligan. Yes, he’s here but he did not make it. Ambut ngano.  I was not able to talk with him on the phone. Nelson was not able to make it — they have a family reunion daw.  My sis is here in Iligan too but her tummy is too big that she will have a hard time travelling by bus.  She’s just not so comfortable at all.  So it ended up only me and Fermel travelled from iligan to Cagayan de Oro.  Cagayan folks were many too but only Meriam and Nanette made it there.  Ambut aha pud sila.  Maybe..ay dili nalang ko mag say. hahahaha basta Nanette and Meriam were there and nalipay nako.  The more i was happy when Novielou and Joel arrived.  It was my first time to see Novielou after graduation in March 1990 so pa picture pud ko with her uy. hehehee Here’s the proof –

NL and Joel left before the program was over so we had our picture taken as a remembrance – for friendster – for classmates all over the world!  I will also post the some batch pictures here even though i have posted it na in my friendster account —

– before novie lou and Joel left –


a photo with Ma’am Macarayo.  Ug dili na sya kaila namo. hahaha.  Or maybe it’s just me wala niya nailhan.  She asked me who i was and she really said — wala na jud ko kaila nimo uy. Dako naman ka kaayo!.  Nagkatawa lang ko hapit ko mosumpay ug, yeah mam am big but am beautiful gihapon. hahahaha nalingaw jud ko!  I was expecting there would be more MMA teachers (our teachers) but i realized later si Ma’am M lang kay ninang diay siya. One of Byrn’s cousin commented, “why Ma’am M?  Gipakaon siguro na ug ayo si Byrne sa una ay kay gihimo man jud ug ninang ni B,” nagkatawa lang ko naminaw. 

When the marching started, murag tense si Byrne but not so obvious because he is always smiling.  The bride is in the other room waiting for the time to march down the aisle.  Sya man ang pinakalast nag march.  Si Byrn nag blush when it was his turn to march down. hahaha

The homily was done by Pastor Baliton, Byrn’s uncle.  I think sa among table wala mi naminaw. Nag homily pud mi ug amo-a. hahaha.  But am sure Byrn and Ann naminaw jud ug ayo. kay naa gud sila sa front jud ni Pastor.  When it was the turn of the judge, naka paminaw nami kay striking man kaayo sya ug question. She told byrn that he still can back out if he wanted to. hahahaha.  Am sure Byrn will not do that.  He was all ready for the wedding day and very much ready to become a hubby to Ann…and am sure the same with Ann.  That day was their moment na jud to get married. :)

After the reception, we did not leave right away like most of the visitors did because we still want to chika2 with Byrn and Ann after the closing prayer.  And we just did that.  Nagpa photo napud akong kauban nga mga girls with Ann coz i had already a photo of me and Ann before the program ended.  Baga kaayo medyo akong fes uy. hahaha Oh well i got near her during the photo session so i stole a shot of me and her. 

– after the program is over, we had photo moments galore. but i won’t post them all here coz they are all in the friendster.

The last photo am going to post is my favorite B and W shot of Byrn and Ann separately and also of them together.  Photos taken by Nokia N73 kay puno nman akong camera nga akong dala –

see mga classmates, obviously happy jud sila! as in. Both are beautiful on their special day.

I almost forgot to mention about the place of the wedding — it was a posh place. Engrande ang dating ha! Murag royal palace man ang front sa hotel. :-)

We left the receptional hall past 1 and we proceed to Lim Kit Kai to kill the time. I thought i would stay over the night but there was not much thing going on to stay so nanguli ra pud mi ni Fermel. For now, i still dunno when we could be together once again for a mini-reunion. :)


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  1. Yen Says:

    Beautiful photos of a happy couple,Len! You seem to have fun! That’s great:) Nice man jud if you’re with old friends! Just hopping by! Happy New Year!


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