Dinner with BobNewYorkUSA

Bob is home!

I’d like to think it that way.  I never met a foreigner who really likes Iligan and can talk endlessly with someone his experiences and happiness when he is in Iligan.  This is the second time I met him through my Iligan Bloggers Society family.  I think IBS met him the first time on-line and then he was so supportive of the bloggers plan to blog about the goodness of our own city.  And to each post, Bob never fails to leave a comment and really a positive one.

The first time I met him was during the MBS5 last year and this is the second time – a get together dinner of the members of the society because Bob is home.

I arrived an hour later of the six o’clock agreed time.  I had planned not to eat dinner but the food was so tempting so I had some viand. No rice but everything I ate was cooked in oil.  No worries I said — it is not my first time to cheat on my weight loss program.  Tomorrow morning I will have my 10 calamansi again and fresh fruit and vegetable juice, so I enjoyed dinner with them.

They were already half-way in the meal but I was still able to take photos of the food in it’s “photogable” (that’s a new word huh!) look. ^^


A pause to smile at the camera

The food:


Sweet and Sour fish (holler me the name of the fish Jam ^^)


Stir-fried sotanghon



surely it is not banana cue so I did not eat that.

They also served pinakbet and their famous fried shanghai rolls.  I failed to take a photo of them because I was not able to eat them.  🙂

Even though I only had sotanghon, grilled fish, and sweet and sour fish — I really enjoyed the meal with everyone.  Even Bob,  who seldom comes to the Philippines and have Filipino food, he obviously enjoyed the food.

He stays a couple of weeks and he is busy meeting appointments left and right.  Bob is a man of big heart.  He made so many people happy because he helps from the heart.  Yesterday, he donated appliances at Iligan Prison Unit and surely it will bless the guys in there.  You may check out the album here.  He said: Making Donations to worthy causes is MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.  

This evening, while the meal was going on, he stood up and spoke.  He told the crowd that lately, he was picked as one of the judges for a blogging contest – a blogger’s positive experience of Iligan.  To him, there is one guy who deserves an award because it is an ideal post  in an international level.  And the price went to — Gab Billiones!


Here’s Bob extending the gift and Gab receiving the gift with all smiles!

Another highlight of the evening was the arrival of the sweetest couple in our IBS family.  Pat and Bing celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary yesterday and they treated us with this:


Mango Float!

One bite and indeed you float with it’s yummyness!
It’s was not sweet – a mango float for diabetics.

Bob had the liberty to slice the MF and everyone got their share.  I thought I will have the container myself – but nah, he was thinking that he too will have it.  So, I gave way to the visitor ^^  Bob is a visitor of Iligan yet with his love for the city of Iligan and the people, he is a family.

Thank you for singing us the Jollibee song (in tagalog).  That was very impressive and it made me laugh at myself and most of us at IBS because we don’t know how to sing the song.   It was an amazing rendition, Bob.  “Amazing” is Richard’s term.

Enjoy your vacation in our beautiful city and see you again next time.


The guys at the other end is Nik!
Another pinoy traveler.  He blogs at  http://pinoyontheroad.com/

Lai & Nik why are you in blue uniform? ^^


4 Responses to “Dinner with BobNewYorkUSA”

  1. Christian | Lakad Pilipinas Says:

    Ah sya pala si Bob New York! Been seeing his comments on my Iligan posts, mukhang talagang nagustuhan nya ang Iligan City 🙂

  2. admin Says:

    @Christian – yaps he is Bob NYUSA. I really have not heard his fall story on how come nagustuhan nya talaga ang Iligan City. =)

  3. Bob New York Says:

    I had a wonderful time. Things like this are one of the things that keep me coming back to Iligan. Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times in Iligan really are ” MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES !

    Iligan City is a place waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world. With the Help of Iligan Bloggers Society and others, someday this will become a reality.

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing !

  4. admin Says:

    @Bob New York – Hi Bob! Thanks for dropping by. As an Iliganon, I am so happy that there are people out there who really loves to spend time with the people, food, and happenings of Iligan City. Because of your views, we now have more reasons to promote our Iligan to the world. 🙂


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