Hello November!

It’s now November and I really do not know where all my October went.  Though the major happening of the past month was the trip to Vietnam/Cambodia during the first week.   That was followed by the wake of one of our MSH Family, Dr. Wilper Generato and his burial.  His death took us by surprised because he was online sick for three months.  But then we are comforted with the thought that we will be seeing him in that morning when Jesus shall come again.

The following weeks were full of different activities that I lost track of what they were.  All I know is that I am living one day at a time.

Thanks to the days of the dead, we have a long weekend because November 1 & 2 are national holidays.  So we welcome November with anticipation.

Personally, here at home, we woke up sad though we slept with light heart and happiness because my mom’s sister arrived the day before.  We received a text that my cousin, a mom’s neice, and a daughter of her visiting sister, died the night before.  It was a surprise to my auntie because the last time they talked was last Friday before she left for Bukidnon.  It is so sad to see her cry.

Condolence to the family of my mom’s sister Auntie Ning Ning

and Relaxing Nov 1st & 2nd holidays to all of you!


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