Weather Watch Rant


We have been blessed by a very beautiful weather: sunny day with clear blue skies and an evening with a bright moon that romantic people can think of spending it with a “Ramon” in a beach or somewhere in  deserted island, for two days now.  This moon photo was of last night. I always describe the past two days as days with beautiful weather that you cannot imagine that a monster typhoon is soon to come.  Since Sendong, the news of the coming of Pablo seems to excite us at a different level.  For me, I am not excited but I want it to come and be over with it.  My fear is undescribable.  I’ve been into 3 meetings today that past three, I thought the world is already dark and the rain have come and that made the news that people were panicking.   I am glad that some were just exaggeration.

I came home almost ten this evening. I am not done with the minutes to be reviewed for tomorrow but somehow I could finish it before the meeting starts at ten.  I have no connection at work since this morning so that is the reason why only got online now to share my thoughts and check out my FB wall.

I have not been listening to the TV news but I get updates from my Facebook feeds and also from other workers.  Those workers who are staying near the river are now safely up in one of the rooms in the hospital.  Our stuff here at home are all elevated now except for my bed.  We will go out later when the rain hits and the water will start to rise.  Normally, even if it does not flood in our community, our home spot gets flooded after a strong rain that falls for an hour or two.  I am not yet sleepy. But if I continue to be awake until later then I possibly, I will walk to the hospital with my mom.

My daughter is home and I am glad she is here at least my mind won’t be too disturb with the thought that she is far from me in times like this.  The thing was, they let the children go without informing the parents.  Anyway, the important thing is that she arrive safe and sound and I just appreciate the school that they let the dormitorians  go before the rain started.

We really had a beautiful weather yesterday and today, so my wish is that tomorrow, somehow we will have the same weather in spite of the news that our city will be under Signal 3.  Signal #3 is already serious and I guess this would be the first time in years that I have stayed in this place with that kind of calamity alert.

All our bags are packed and we are ready to go later.

The hospital’s Christma’s tree!

Dear Lord,

A monster storm is coming our way.  We are all scared but we trust that you will be with us and you will save us.  Please don’t allow the storm to harm the people of Iligan City and the provinces and cities mentioned to be hit.  Please make this Christmas a merrier one for all of us.  Thank you for always hearing and answering all our pleas.  Thine Will be done, oh Lord.  We praise you. Amen


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