Fairy Hobmother Visited (A Wish Come True!)

And guess what? He visited me through email during my holiday vacation.  The email brought a bright smile to my face but I was just in a location where I cannot make a post nor make a  simple update in any of my blogs but thankfully, the Fairy Hobmother gave me all the time in the world to make a post about his visit.  I just arrived from my short vacation this morning and so here I am now – making this post.


His visit reminds me the day after Christmas when Auntie Babie and I went to an appliance center/shop to scout for a washer/dryer machine since the one they are using is not working anymore.  It needs to be fixed and since it was holiday, shops are closed.  Unfortunately, the particular machine is out of stock and until now she is still waiting for the call from the shop.  I wish it will not take much time to order online or else I would convince the owner of La Estrella to make the purchase online.   When December started I have wished for a washing machine for our home use, but checking out my account this afternoon, the funds are not enough so we will still use our hands to do the washing for this year.  If there would be too much laundry, then we would hire someone to do the washing especially the blankets and towels.

Again, thank you Fairy Hobmother for the visit. I cannot remember when was the exact month I have wished for your visit and thank you for making it come true!  Your  visit made my holiday more colorful.  And by the way, I have also followed you @ Twitter.


19 Responses to “Fairy Hobmother Visited (A Wish Come True!)”

  1. Angel Says:

    Congrats on getting a visit from the ever so generous Fairy Hobmother. I’m actually hoping that he would re-visit my blog again this 2013. 🙂 Happy 2013.

  2. Marms Says:

    Oh wow! Congratulations! I hope the fairy will visit my blogs too.

  3. Chubskulit Rose Says:

    Lucky you! I have been stalking him ever sin but no luck lol.

  4. Tess Says:

    Congrats, you are all lucky the fairyhubmother visited your site.

  5. jheylo Says:

    wow congratulations 😀 i miss Fairy Hobmother… I hope he’ll come knock on my doors too for this 2013 🙂

  6. jheylo Says:

    again, i’m back 😀 congratulation and you sure made your wish came true

  7. Joy H Says:

    lucky you! A lot of people had been visited by Fairy hobmother last year and i hope she will come back and shower me more blessings!

  8. Adin U. Blankenship Says:

    Awe! Congrats. How wonderful. 🙂 That is nice fairyhobmother visited you then. 🙂

  9. Hyanne Says:

    That’s a nice Christmas gift from Fairy Hob Mother, Congratulations! Washing your clothes in the machine is more easier and quicker especially if you have a lot of house hold chores to do.

  10. Joy H Says:

    Congrats again! Here I am visiting your site!

  11. claire Says:

    Wow, congrats to you sis. Hope Fairy Hobmother visits me too. Crossing my fingers on this!

  12. claire Says:

    Hmm, congrats sis, This is really good for the new year. Hope Fairy Hobmother visit me too.

  13. Momgen Reviews Says:

    Oh congratulations for having the fairy hob mother. I wish he can visit me too.

  14. Momgen Reviews Says:

    Here again…I have been visited before but still hoping other blog can be visited…

  15. peachy @ The Peach Kitchen Says:

    How I wish the fairy hobmother would visit me too!

  16. rc gweniful/cherry Says:

    Why hasn’t he visited me? I’m waiting Fairy Hobmother…

  17. Kaye Figuracion Says:

    The famous and generous fairy hobmother visited you. I hope he’ll visit me again soon.

  18. Rcel Says:

    Good for you, Ar! I hope the Fairyhobmother will visit me as well! I would really love to see him land on my blog! 🙂

  19. Balkon Says:

    Hope the Fairyhobmother will visit me as well too!


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