Almost Goodbye


We just have a few more days for January 2013 and we almost have to say goodbye to the month forever.  So where was I? How did my January went?  Oh well, I was just here.  Caught up with work in the office and when I reached home at night, I felt so tired to blog.

Tiredness – the main reason.  Actually, the only reason.

So, I failed much in my new year’s resolution to at update my blogs at least several times a week if not daily.  All my blogs have not been updated…ahhh not all!  My Postcrossing blog is a bit updated. And you I guess you know the reason why.    My plan to do the backlogs in my main travel blog was not even materialized and in a couple of weeks I am off to another trip. Whoaa what is up with me. 🙁  I am so sad.   I guess I better not promise so that I won’t feel guilty too much. lol! Right?

A friend messaged me that she wants to learn blogging so she could earn.  Oh well, same thing I tell to friends who asked me what is blogging and they want to earn from blogging — my blog is not earning as much as the professional ones.  Yeah I earn a bit but not enough to buy me a husband. okey? lol!   Since I did not start blogging so I could earn, I really do not know how to teach one to blog for earning purposes.  Because I want to share what is my every day like and wanna pen down my thoughts, thus I was introduced into blogging.  Thanks to Friendster for introducing me the online diary and then Rhoen for the suggestion I should start blogging because of what he reads in my Friendster journal.  Earning from it came later but as I said it’s not enough to become rich. So I suggest, go around the blogosphere or you can google about it.  You will come up to many blogs and can get the information you need to know.  You can start from there.

So I am ranting now. I better stop so you won’t get bored listening to me.  I should go  home, my mountain of laundry is awaiting for me daily. Hahaha

Oppsss I should not forget to update my daughter’s blog, too! So many to be shared about her.  Her vacation job, her first travel alone, her upcoming JS Prom – the hassle of finding the right cloth, color, and seamstress, and many more.  All these I should write in that blog so that I got something to read in later years.

Til later…




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