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Days ago, I received a short note of reminder that it is not allowed to post links without interim posts.  Just like everyone else, I have received this kind of reminder from time to time.  Lucky are those who have the time to post interim posts right away.   When I received the note, I checked out my active blogs and then discovered that I am one of the salarin and I know that I should do a solution to it or else my blogs will experience famine again.

Working away from home at the same time a part time blogger with several blogs can be stressful.  Not all the time though.  There are relaxing times but suppose to be blogs should be updated even on days especially when not working in the office.  Vacation leaves and off days are times to catch up in the updating.

Anyway, before I continue talking nonesense, an idea pop into my head.  Great fillers especially, when you ran out of words to write for an interim post.  So I thought of PHOTO STORY.  I will be posting a photo and tell the story behind the photo.  I have postings similar to this idea but this one, I am going to put a number of it.  It is almost the same with CAPTION THIS PHOTO and the difference will just be the description.  Caption is short and story is long.

So guys, watch out for my first PHOTO STORY and it’s going to be posted in my general/travel blog ( because it just so happen that four posts were up with no personal posts inbetween.

Some of you may know that my camera (Canon G12) is on comatose mode but don’t worry, I have still have many photos that I want to share with each of you.  Photos taken of my travels last year and this year.

Oh well, I hope I will be successful in working out this idea. 🙂

Let me share in this post two photos me and friends taken by Sir Nestor Balboa @ SM Lanang, one of the newest if not the newest mall in Davao City.  We were there for an hour or so last Tuesday night (March 5, 2013) to see the place.  Most of us, it was our first time there.

Thanks Sir Nes for sharing these photos:



I love this photo because I don’t look big.
The bulges were hidden.  Thanks to the black color and to the distance of the camera guy.

I wish that the word “store” there is “LANANG”


The only rose among the thorns

Where are the other ladies? Oh there were 4 of us but there’s only me in this photo.
They were still inside shopping.  I was already out because I was scared that I will be left behind. But in reality,
some were still inside shopping.

While they shopped, I spent my time taking pics and have my pics taken. 🙂


5 Responses to “Photo Story”

  1. Chubskulit Rose Says:

    Beautiful Rose among the thorns. You look very slim sis.

  2. Gven-Rose Says:

    sometimes i find it hard to pose for the cam because of my bulging tummy..

  3. peachy Says:

    A photo story is a super nice idea, Sunshine!

  4. Tess Says:

    I like to read posts with photos and the story behind it.

  5. claire Says:

    Well, I guess everyone is guilty in some ways, but good things that you manage to do your interim.


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