Planning to Walk Now and Run Later

Bad bug caught up with me this weekend.  I had a very long weekend with high temperature and body pains.  There was even a point that I cried.  But I just kept quiet and confined in the privacy of my bedroom.  I wanted to bring myself to the hospital but I was thinking that there was fire and earthquake drill by Sunday plus the completion of our school requirements, I just let the idea flew by.

I guess I’m not so good at myself for by not having the right amount of sleep plus the lack of exercise.  Oh my gosh, I will try.   I know I often said I will try but I am afraid time is already bored with my promise so this time, time allowed me to be sick.  First thing I will probably do is buy a new pair or shoes or at least purchase a best insoles for running so that I will really walk and maybe run later.

I am feeling better now but I am still under medication until Saturday.


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