ISO Surveillance Audit Postponed

Today is suppose to be the big day for our ISO Surveillance audit.  We met the auditor yesterday at the airport, and she should be around here today had it not our QMR got sick.  Tata was admitted Saturday for mumps.  Anyway, the big day is postponed to Monday and Tuesday.

A bit disappointing to our excitement lol! but at least it gave us more time to finish what is there to finish.

Another stress factor for me since last week is our new class that will begin tomorrow.  Together with this ISO audit preparation is our report preparation for our Management on Organization class. whew!  I haven’t done even a sentence, though I’ve already read a few paragraphs on Manager thing.  The new class will begin tomorrow at 1pm, with a new teacher, and of course with another set of requirements.  I am going to class with no reports because I think all of us did not really get exactly what was stipulated in our course requirements.  But hopefully tonight, I can make at least half of my presentation.  Not the research.  We will wait for our professor to explain further what was that research proposal is all about – especially when to comply it and how much time she’ll give us to make that.

It’s a midweek and it feels good because I just had a healthy shake for breakfast!


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