Captured Innocence

I smiled at the title I am using but as I look at the picture, my smile turned to laughter is a capture of which I did not know at all or else I would have stood straight and put my hands on my hips and pose with a demure smile.

 photo f8648cce-6b3f-4ff3-8cbe-f7dc72dc9987.jpg

These three photos were taken one after the other so I just love it. I just want to keep these shots to myself but at least you will have a glimpse of how happy I am with simple things at times, so this is it.

I seldom love swimming in the beach. It’s not the beach but it is the sun. Right after this swimming, the skin on my back and shoulders were like cooked crabs. huhuhu

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  1. Byrne Says:

    Very contiguous Lene….specially for a friend who knew you brings back old memory


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