Angry Birds

Years ago Angry was so famous that kids go gaga with it.  It comes in a form of a toy, a sticker, a fan, or anything that will just capture the kiddos attention.  Aside from the kids, there are adults too who just love to have anything that represents the scowling facial expression of those birds.

I can just imagine what comes to the mind of the person who invented the angry birds. I feel it was a violation to the kind and innocent look of our color-feathered friend. Even if they don’t have the bright colors, the birds are just so sweet.

Talking about birds I am reminded of the affordable epiphone hummingbird pro at guitar center. I think it would sell like pancakes since it is very affordable. Shoppers now adays are particular of the cost of something they invest for especially for the kids.

My daughter will be coming home this weekend and surely we will go out to scout for the guitar.


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