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Seriously on Postcrossing

I just finished browsing the Postcrossing blog and i vowed to myself that i will seriously give attention to this hobby.  My collection is not yet that big because for many years i just kept the the cards that i received until one day i met someone online who loves postcards that we decided to […]

Got the Feel of Taking Pictures :)

Last Friday afternoon, i hurried home so that i can go to the downtown to buy some vegetables.  But when i was at the corner going up the stops, i turned right and i can’t help to admire the lush green plants and the grey weather.  Hmmm destressor.  Lovely colors and my camera.  So i […]

Boracay, Philippines

From Boracay with love.    One of the CI’s gave me this yesterday afernoon — Ain’t that cute? An addition to my collection! Collecting souvenir chains or key chains was not in mind.  But since am given a lot already then it’s another category in my collections of things. 

Shoot Me! 27/52

I can shoot again! Here’s a photo of me with some of my unscanned postcards the other day. I purchased my camera online on the 13th and the next day 14th i got the item. After checking the item piece by piece, i then have to charge it to check if the item is working. […]

What Can i Get with P100.00

in a Booksale shop? 5 books! For Laci is not in the picture because Ma’am Jaydee is reading it now. If i just had more 100 am sure I have more books.  Last night i finished Mother’s Day.

Birthday Greetings!

My sis turned 37 last June 29 and since that day until the end of this month, we are of the same age. Credits:

Happy Father’s Day to All!

My good memories of father’s day goes back to  high school and college days.  I usually do the planning on what to make for my Father days before the third sunday of June.  In high school, I think i drew and make a letter for him.  In college, I can already afford to buy a […]

Photoless Posts?

Since i lost my camera last week, i thought that it’s now time that i will be posting photoless posts.  Maybe lots of photoless posts.  I think it would not be nice.  I just concluded last week that  every blogger should have a camera (even a phone cam will do) because if there are just […]