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I wish that one day I can see him perform live!

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Thoughts on Holiday Parties

I observed that parties have been going on and on since the last few days of November.  Parties here parties there parties everywhere.  If you are invited to few, it can be exciting.  But if you parties fill your calendar from December 1 to December 30, oh my, it could be tiresome.  Not just physically, but also financially!

DJs around this time too are having gig appointments here and there.  But then many party organizers wanted to have the best one in town. I say best one because they can control make a party that when people goes home they still talk about it because they had a blast! So I asked an organizer to check out.  Found pioneer dj controller at the Musician’s Friend is cool and I think this might help their business.  Some organizers have contacts of the best DJs and at the same time they provide the right accessories to make a DJ job easier.

dj stuff 1

So how was your party experiences last Christmas?  New year celebration is still to come, so better check out the link.  I can really testify that having a good dj during a party is unforgetable.

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Bits & Pieces of 2015

Here are some bits and pieces of 2015.  They made my 2015 a blast in whatever way!

January 1, 2015 – i found myself on the road (on the sea) actually, sailing towards Tagbilaran and then to Cebu.   It was a late new year’s eve trip due to the typhoon yet it did not dampen my spirit to make the trip because the daughter is out there in Cebu.

The months of January & February were toxic months in making my feasibility study – a major requirement because it must be done first so that we can take the comprehensive examination. It was normal work at daytime and sleepless nights making my school requirements.  It was really tiring, that if given the chance to study again, I will request for a leave – or at least officially part time.

I was admitted (the first and the last for the year) It’s been awhile though that I had been admitted.  I thought I was very healthy but lo and behold – I was officially diagnosed with the big D. huhuhubels – I need insulin shots before breakfast. 🙁  I am scared of shots but I promised this should not be long.

March was really an exciting month because it’s graduation month!  Daughter and me travelled to Manila, one day earlier than everybody else so that she has a day to go around Manila before we travel to AUP for the weekend program.  I realized that I finished the course was for real when my name was called. lol! It was a happy moment but deep inside I miss my parents especially my mom.  Mama could have made it there and see me march down the aisle of the AUP international church.

 photo 1_zpstez8jqsr.jpg

some random pics of me wearing the graduation regalia. Oh me in garlan. That is not mine, but someone gave it to me because she saw me with no garlan.

 photo 3_zpsxe9liqtf.jpg

some random pics with friends and fellow graduates

 photo 2_zpscfpqkdl3.jpg

AUP MBA Batch 2015.

Summer months of April and May came and the following trips were noted:

The trip to Bacolod/Iloilo for the Presidents’ Council Retreat which started in Bacolod and culminated in Boracay.  A come-back visit to Bacolod since 2005 and a first time visit to Boracay.  the trip was made possible by land, traveling from Iligan City via Dapitan then crossed the seas to Dumaguete then ended at Bacolod City.



Surigao del Norte with the Red team.  I was so thankful of the trip because it gave me the experience to Suhoton cave and also the place of the stingless jellyfish (though only few came was in sight when we came).  I did not go up to Bulitas cave anymore – I was too tired and I want a fresh water bath, which was very scarce in that area.  So while the group went to check out the cave, few of us stayed and enjoyed scanty water glass by glass.

11329767 10200567511787404 5834413295112880967 n

A day trip with friends to Gingoog City when Ate Mercy came home. I can remember the bahakhak galore.


10931151 10153268246674339 808661248871039266 n

oh we laugh like this! ha ha ha

Surigao del Sur trip with the Medsys guys.  Fortunately, I was able to drag along the daughter, and two of her cousins (her age) so they had a blast while me was sort of like a mother hen. lols!  We swam at the Enchanted river, island hopped, then the last day was spent at Britania.


the yellow…


US feeling gorgeous! ^&^

and me, too!

995030 10153469066661718 4239118904136427546 n

July came and I flew to Macao for my birthday.  It was a FIRST for me. First trip abroad for the year 2015.  First solo trip abroad not work related.  First Birthday trip abroad. Lots of first. Right?  Macau was a random choice because originally it’s should only be a Manila/Luzon trip. But my friend failed to organized one for July, so I ended up to be in Macau during my birthday.

11249909 10153560548691718 7583180602578272615 n

Selfie inside the Macao Museum. This looks perfect after many tries. lol!
I really made an effort or else I will never have a solo pic during the trip.

One thing I cannot forget about the birthday trip was I arrived NAIA T3 at early morning and my flight to Cagayan de Oro was still in the late afternoon, so I made a quick trip to the Manila Central Post Office tugging along my big luggage.  I adventured my way to the post office and indeed I now discovered a cheaper way of going there from Baclaran church without the hassle of taking the LRT. 🙂

August was another amazing month because in between works, there’s also travel.  This month, we flew out of the country again.  This time I am no longer alone.  There were five of us who traveled to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam with side-trip to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.   Here’s our group photos and below are few stolen shots unshared yet. lol!

IMG 0020

Finally checked in! But…

IMG 0029

we have a long way to go!
We will be exiting at gate 105 and that’s 11 minutes walk from this spot where this picture was taken.

IMG 0071

Awwwright! lol!
This little girl is the daughter of the lady who met us at the airport.


IMG 0547

Looking excited…and after some time later gikasab-an mi kay saba daw mi! lolers.

It’s my second trip to HCM as well as PP but the excitement was still the same. I also observed that I have no seatmate in both trips. It’s seems like I am often the odd one out – something that the immigration officer on duty observed during my first trip to the city of HCM. I never mind though, but, still I wish that someday, the empty seat beside will be filled up by a someone who also has the passion of traveling and does not mind traveling together with me.

Next photo…tadaaaa ha ha ha


Dili nako ma spelling ang expression ni Gene. I think she want me out of the way and also Lalai does not want me to be in the frame…or I dunno but I just think this is funny. I cannot easily get up as I do not want to get up anymore. I was tired and it was so init outside. Behave kaayo si Gene. 

IMG 1375

Excited to go home??? 🙂

Wake me up when September ends! oh The month of September was just to start but the song kept playing in my mind already.  September is the birthday month of the daughter.  I really had simple plans for her special day but the Lord allowed it to be celebrated in a special way.  Party pictures are still all saved in the disk but hopefully one day, someone can work it out so that it can be downloaded in FB anytime. 🙂 I have this in file though coz I asked some shots to be used in the signature frame.

dimple 2

A’int she pretty?

Work filled up the months of October, November and December.

A friend and I spent a weekend in Manila (October).  In November, DXMC celebrated its 3rd Anniversary with the theme: Broadcasting Hope ’til Jesus Comes!”  It was a simple celebration  but a memorable one especially to our listeners.  Another trip to Manila allowed me to attend the PCHA convention, then Friday we went to the DOH to the needed documents for LTO 2016 issuance. I made it to the East Avenue Medical Center and also NKTI – for the first time, with a box that looks like I am selling ice candy. lol!

December 6 was a big day for AMCI,  The hospital inaugurated the new ER wing which was followed by the 63rd Anniversary dinner at Frosty Bites Garden.  There are many nice pictures taken in both events but I will make a separate posts of it since this post is now photo overload! Forgive me…I just love pictures and making pictures! ha ha ha

Here’s a me during the end part of the Christmas party – me making faces ha ha ha

12366244 1192566880757863 6307771597730683514 n

After this event, i managed to get some lazy sleep ha ha ha.

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Feeling Blue


Such an encouragement while feeling blue.

There are really days when no matter how busy you are, yet you pause a moment and can feel that you are sad inside. When you realized that you have a longing that no one near you can fill.

Oh just starting to feel the holiday thingy.

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Help One


I just can’t help but to agree to this saying.  If you can’t help a hundred, then it’s okey that you help one.  At the same time though, teach that person to fish so that he or she will not forever waits for you to give him or her fish.

Quotes from #JonathanLockwoodHuie

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How to Have a Relaxing Beach Vacation

For many people, a beach vacation is relaxing, listening to the waves as they crash on the sand, sitting in beach chairs in the sun or watching the sun rise or set over the water. However, even for those who love spending time at the beach, there are some things that can be annoying, unpleasant and stressful. Whether you are staying in one of the high-rise Miami hotels or sitting on the deck of a Kitty Hawk beach house, these tips can help you manage those annoying aspects of the beach in order to keep your vacation as relaxing as possible.

 photo 635581323286140876-RS3975-Inlet-Beach-IMG-8398-hpr_zpskpbmomvl.jpg

photo source: internet

Sandy Feet

Digging your toes into the sand is what most people search for when the plan a vacation near the water, yet sand can also be a pesky annoyance. Sand clings to feet and hands which means it is easy to track it into houses, hotel rooms and vehicles. The next time you take a beach vacation or simply travel to the beach for the day, pack baby powder. Once you leave the beach, sprinkle the powder on your feet and the sand will fall off.


Although it is critical to wear sunscreen, especially while at the beach, there are many people who either miss places on their body or are not careful about applying sunscreen often enough. A sunburn can put a damper on anyone’s beach vacation. Apply moisturizing cream or lotion after taking a cool shower or bath. If possible, use a moisturizer with Vitamin C and E to limit skin damage. Cool aloe gel can also help cool the pain of a sunburn. Drink extra water, juice and sports drinks as fluid will be drawn to the skin’s surface in order to heal the burn. Ibuprofen can also help reduce the pain, although acetaminophen does not seem to have an effect on sunburn pain. Never scrub the skin, break blisters or peel skin after a sunburn.

Jellyfish and Sea Urchins

Jellyfish and sea urchins stings can be painful. The American Heart Association and American Red Cross say to rinse a jellyfish sting with vinegar for at least 30 seconds to deactivate the stinging cells. Then, soak the area in hot water for at least 20 minutes or treat with cold packs. Apply hydrocortisone or oral antihistamine cream to relieve itching and swelling. If the sting is from a box jellyfish or covers more than half an arm or leg, seek medical attention. For sea urchins, immerse the area for 30 to 90 minutes in water as hot as the person can stand. Use tweezers to remove any spines in the wound and any pedicellaria, which are small organs that release the venom, by applying shaving cream and shaving the affected area. Scrub with soap and water then flush extensively with fresh water. Treat with antibiotic ointment if the wound becomes swollen or red. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen can be used to treat pain.

 photo beach_zpsyuxiterh.jpg

photo source: internet

These simple tips can help your beach vacation remain a relaxing, enjoyable time away from home. You can sit back, enjoy the waves crashing and watch the sun rise and set over the water with less stress and anxiety.

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What is a Man?

I guess this is a beautiful thought for Father’s day!

By: Roy Lessin

A man is not a stone, but bread that has been broken…
Not a frozen lake, but a flowing river of kindness and compassion…
Not a steel pole, but a willow that can bend in the storm…
Not a tyrant, but a servant leader who humbly seeks the good of others…
Not a fixed sign-post, but a wise guide who leads by example…
Not a sculptor who works with stone, but a gardener who nurtures and encourages growth…
Not a lifeless statue, but a caring communicator who speaks from the heart…
Not a petrified tree, but a branch abiding in the vine…fruitful, and totally dependent upon the living God!

Happy Father’s day to all fathers out there!


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A Night of Music

Saturday night was a night of music produced by the Iligan Medical Society.  Mr. Ian Jacinto, tagged as the Kenny G of the Philippines, made the night memorable through his sax rendition.  Pieces he performed made the evening so romantic for all those who attended.  The concert is a concert for a cause – a fund raising for the Bahay Kalusugan, a foundation of the Iligan Medical Society.  The ticket costs somewhat pricey but it’s worth it.  The artist used Telefunken mics attached to his sax so the sound was just so smooth. There was no microphone glitch that happened throughout the whole concert.

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