How to Have a Relaxing Beach Vacation

For many people, a beach vacation is relaxing, listening to the waves as they crash on the sand, sitting in beach chairs in the sun or watching the sun rise or set over the water. However, even for those who love spending time at the beach, there are some things that can be annoying, unpleasant and stressful. Whether you are staying in one of the high-rise Miami hotels or sitting on the deck of a Kitty Hawk beach house, these tips can help you manage those annoying aspects of the beach in order to keep your vacation as relaxing as possible.

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Sandy Feet

Digging your toes into the sand is what most people search for when the plan a vacation near the water, yet sand can also be a pesky annoyance. Sand clings to feet and hands which means it is easy to track it into houses, hotel rooms and vehicles. The next time you take a beach vacation or simply travel to the beach for the day, pack baby powder. Once you leave the beach, sprinkle the powder on your feet and the sand will fall off.


Although it is critical to wear sunscreen, especially while at the beach, there are many people who either miss places on their body or are not careful about applying sunscreen often enough. A sunburn can put a damper on anyone’s beach vacation. Apply moisturizing cream or lotion after taking a cool shower or bath. If possible, use a moisturizer with Vitamin C and E to limit skin damage. Cool aloe gel can also help cool the pain of a sunburn. Drink extra water, juice and sports drinks as fluid will be drawn to the skin’s surface in order to heal the burn. Ibuprofen can also help reduce the pain, although acetaminophen does not seem to have an effect on sunburn pain. Never scrub the skin, break blisters or peel skin after a sunburn.

Jellyfish and Sea Urchins

Jellyfish and sea urchins stings can be painful. The American Heart Association and American Red Cross say to rinse a jellyfish sting with vinegar for at least 30 seconds to deactivate the stinging cells. Then, soak the area in hot water for at least 20 minutes or treat with cold packs. Apply hydrocortisone or oral antihistamine cream to relieve itching and swelling. If the sting is from a box jellyfish or covers more than half an arm or leg, seek medical attention. For sea urchins, immerse the area for 30 to 90 minutes in water as hot as the person can stand. Use tweezers to remove any spines in the wound and any pedicellaria, which are small organs that release the venom, by applying shaving cream and shaving the affected area. Scrub with soap and water then flush extensively with fresh water. Treat with antibiotic ointment if the wound becomes swollen or red. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen can be used to treat pain.

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These simple tips can help your beach vacation remain a relaxing, enjoyable time away from home. You can sit back, enjoy the waves crashing and watch the sun rise and set over the water with less stress and anxiety.

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What is a Man?

I guess this is a beautiful thought for Father’s day!

By: Roy Lessin

A man is not a stone, but bread that has been broken…
Not a frozen lake, but a flowing river of kindness and compassion…
Not a steel pole, but a willow that can bend in the storm…
Not a tyrant, but a servant leader who humbly seeks the good of others…
Not a fixed sign-post, but a wise guide who leads by example…
Not a sculptor who works with stone, but a gardener who nurtures and encourages growth…
Not a lifeless statue, but a caring communicator who speaks from the heart…
Not a petrified tree, but a branch abiding in the vine…fruitful, and totally dependent upon the living God!

Happy Father’s day to all fathers out there!


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A Night of Music

Saturday night was a night of music produced by the Iligan Medical Society.  Mr. Ian Jacinto, tagged as the Kenny G of the Philippines, made the night memorable through his sax rendition.  Pieces he performed made the evening so romantic for all those who attended.  The concert is a concert for a cause – a fund raising for the Bahay Kalusugan, a foundation of the Iligan Medical Society.  The ticket costs somewhat pricey but it’s worth it.  The artist used Telefunken mics attached to his sax so the sound was just so smooth. There was no microphone glitch that happened throughout the whole concert.

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So Soon

Here’s a wonderful song by Maher Zain.

Missing u momma, so much!

It’s going to be our first Christmas without her.  Christmas is an exciting time for me because it is time for my family to get together – but not anymore this year.  Now that mom is gone.  Only the good memories is sustaining me through so that my days won’t get too sad and miserable.

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Wish List

I am in the process of making my wish list but I know that before I could finish that, I have also to finish my gift list.  Since I am going to CDO anytime this week or next week, then I should have my gift list ready.  I have no budget for that but I also know that God will provide.

Personally, I love to receive gifts.  Be it big or small as long as it is heartily given, it just add color to my day.  I also realized that I feel a different happiness when I am the one giving a gift to someone, especially the ones who are not expecting anything from me.  Do you feel the same when you give someone a gift?  Tell me.

Making the list is easy but picking the gift is somewhat tasking.  Because you want to make sure that the one who receives the gift can make use of the thing you give him or her. Right?   So I am also in the process of scouting what to give him or her.  There are also some things I ordered online taking advantage of the Free Shipping the company is offering. There are so many sale online these days and they are good grabs for the holiday season.

So to make the holiday season a wonderful season for each one, share your love and share what you have. It’s not the price or the size that counts. It is the gesture or the effort that matters most.

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Wedding Photo Souvenirs

If you attend a wedding these days, you will go home with not just one souvenir but several.  The wedded couple surely prepare a token or what they commonly call a give-away.  Just one. But today, we received two.  That is just for the record.

This post is about the photo souvenirs that I bought at the end of the program when you can haggle the price to the lowest.  I am not fun of buying those pics but for this time, since it is Esther’s Wedding to Hernani, then I purchased the 4 pieces for Php 100.00.

They are not really dashing poses but all “stolen shots” but still worth keeping. lol!


PHoto #1 – Maricar and Me

 photo img009.jpg

The last time we met was the other year when she came to Iligan for a business-related visit. She attended because her daughter is one of the flowers girls. She and the groom were schoolmates in college and they happen to join the same group who went canvassing in Ozamis many many years ago.

Photo #2 – Jazzy and Me

 photo img010.jpg

This is Maricar’s pretty daughter. :)

Photo #3 – Me

 photo img008.jpg

A stolen shot of me. I guess I just arrived in church because it seems I am still damp with sweat. lol!

These are the three of the four photos I purchased for Php 100.00.

More photos will be shared from “free” sources later. I wish I have my own camera for more selfies or groupfies to share.

Esther and Hernani’s love story is unique.  I guess each one of their own love story to tell, but there’s I can really say that it is a perfect timing.  Esther is 40 and Hernani is 47.  You can just imagine the years they have waited for each other.   They’ve been to different places and yet, the friendship made through facebook has led them to this day – their Wedding day, their most unforgetable day!

Thank you Esther and Hernani for inviting me. Thank you also for allowing me to help you ease the stresses of the day by taking charge of the guestbook/signature frame/ and the gifts. :) We enjoyed our task.

Good night for now and I too is going home to have an early sleep.

Enjoy the night!

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Wayback Wednesday #01 | @ 9-Dragon Wall, Datong, China

The first meme I joined that shares old photos was the Friday Flashback.  I post my share on my blog.  When things got busy, I failed to do it and started sharing old photos in Facebook as Thursday Throwback and the Friday Flashback.  Usually, I do share a Friday when I failed to do a Thursday.  :)

Now, here’s this Wayback Wednesday on Facebook.  The first I saw of this was yesterday and I think the idea was just so cool.

Here’s my first share for this wonderful past photo/ not current photo sharing :)

 photo de8c.jpg


This was taken at the 9-dragon wall in Datong City, Shanxi province, China.

Circa #2005

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First Step Done…

I  just made a total of 4 posts at my postcard blog.  It seems I could make more posts. lol!  I am motivated to do so.  Why?  Oh well, I am just inspired because I just gave out letter of permission to research directors/deans in three big colleges in Iligan City.  That is some kind of major step I did to make me really get on with my feasibility study working.  The letter with my questionnaire is now in the respective schools and I have to call in at least middle next week to follow-up if my request is granted.  The 4th letter is still to be given to the VPAA of the school beside our office – AMCI.

Dear Lord, I hope you will touch their hearts to approve me in conducting that survey in the schools I went to today. Amen.

It’s the first step but to me it is a big leap done!

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