A Birthday Trip/Treat

For the past two years, I’ve been wishing that I will spend my birthday somewhere – far from home.  It was just a wish because in 2012 & 2013, the Management Review was scheduled right on my birth date.  It feels just like any other day of the week because I’m at work, in fact very busy at work. Though there is one thing I love about it – the food at lunch.  It feels like I am celebrating it because of the food serve – a buffet lunch. Last year, I promised that I am going out on my 2014th birthday.  But a few months after mom’s death in January, I just knew I cannot travel for financial reasons.  Mom pitch in the expenses for home stuff and also my blogging has gone down the drain. .

Good thing this year, the TUV-SUD re-cert audit was scheduled on the first week of July so I was sure that there would be no Management Review on my birthday.  :) Few weeks before my birthday, my friends were planning to go somewhere.  I did not know or maybe I just failed to read more details that my friend Ching (I met here during the WAT3) is inviting friends to join her in a trip to Siquijor.  I really wanted to get away even for few days so deep in my heart I was praying that God may grant me my birthday wish — a travel and money to finance my trip.  So when Alex invited me to go along with him, I said yes.  When I explained to him about my financial situation, he said “no problem”, and he will help with the fare.  I said yes again even though I have not filed a leave yet.  God answered my prayers through Alex.  He helped me make the trip but  I know I owe him big time. lol! So here are some of my “me” photos during the trip:

 photo IMG_1421.jpg

Excited to reach Dumaguete!

 photo IMG_1523.jpg

At the St. Isidore de Labrador Church in Lazi
now knows as San Isidro Labrador Parish Church

(photo taken by Ching)


At Cambugahay Falls in Lazi

Huge thanks and lots of <3 <3 <3 to:

Alex for asking me to come along and made this trip possible for me
Ching for the company, the sweets & the deluxe accommodation at Hotel Essencia in Dumaguete
Regine for the new friendship

I wish us more travels together in the future. Where’s that? Apo Island na!

I will be sharing more posts in the days to come.  Here or at my travel blog – Pinay Travels

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy 72nd  Birthday, Mama!

 photo d1609e3e-2fd6-4ad2-8883-02458c755fdd.jpg

Today is fondly remembered by all of us at home.  We could just imagine what you would be saying or what you would be doing if you are still with us here.

I had a tiring day even if you are not here and even if I have not cooked anything special.  I can then imagine that you would be a helping hand to me in spite your frail heart condition because you do not want me to be so tired with home chores because you often see me come home from work tired.  Di bale tired ko Ma as long as naa ra unta ka diri.  But that is not the case now, so I am still learning that you are not here anymore that we cannot discuss life anymore…and so many more.:)

I still cry Ma and I do not know when will I get used to the fact that you are not here anymore.

I miss you tons…

Hugs tight.


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I love Cupcakes and the Song/Singing is Just so cute too!

Video is not mine
I just love to share this because it is just too cute not to be able to share it here in my blog :)


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I Commit this Day

By:  Max Lucado

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

To these I commit my day.
If I succeed, I will give thanks.
If I fail, I will seek His grace.
And then, when this day is done,
I will place my head on my pillow and rest.
- Max Lucado

My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness. II Corinthians 12:9


unnamed (1)  

Thank you Day Spring Devotions for sharing such inspiring thoughts.

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Hope: Romans 5:2









By Roy Lessin

God, You are glorious! Because of who You are, I have hope in what You have promised to do – my future truly is as bright as the light upon Your face that reflects it, as sure as the words upon Your lips that proclaim it, as powerful as the strength of Your right hand that performs it.

I live in hope and I am happy in hope. I hope in what is true, in what is best, in what is everlasting. My hope is anchored in what a loving, caring God can be to His child.

…And rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Romans 5:2

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Father’s Day Thoughts

This weekend is a special weekend especially for the fathers out there.

 photo main2.jpg

Tomorrow is the special day and I am sure fathers and dads in many parts of the world will be honored for being such.

Since my father’s death in April 2012, I no longer look forward to this date. All I mused to myself in 2013 was “this is the first year without a father” and I am suppose to JUST say the same phrase this year, 2014.

Today, in my radio program, This is My Story, my guest talked about her father because of the significance of the day.

Sister Lilia talked about how much he missed her father and what they have been through since her father’s death at her age of seven.  She is an adult now, have a family of her own, though complicated with it comes to husband or partner relationship, she can still recall how much her father loves them and how she can still feel her closeness with her father.  She shared the hardship she went through because of the death of her father leaving a mother who is incapable to find means to feed her family.  So to take the place of bearing the responsibility to raise the family, it was sister Lilia. Imagine at the age of 15, she was sent to Manila.

I was teary eyed of her story.  After the program, we still talked a bit, she was also teary eyed.  I am sure anyone who have listened this afternoon, was touched by her inspiring story.

She said, her earthly father may have left her but she realized that all these years, her Heavenly Father has never failed her of what she needs to survive.

Today, I was reminded that indeed, fathers have a great role in the rearing up of children.  A fathers love is not greater of a mother’s love, but it is a separate filial feeling between a dad and a child — from toddlerhood to adulthood.

Personally, I do not have great moments with my father, but he was there at most times all my growing up years.  His imperfections made me a stronger daughter and also a defender of my mom.  No matter how imperfect he is as a father, my mom managed to raised us well, not perfect, but at least we have enough to get through school, and the will power to live and move forward in spite the in spites.

So today, I will leave some words to the men of my life who in a way or another fathered me and also my kids.

To my deceased father — today is the second year you are no longer with us physically.  But I know that each of your children still think of you at times, especially that momma is also not here anymore.

To the dad of my daughter –Happy Father’s day! Enjoy the day with your kids and your wife.

To the dad of my son — Happy Father’s day sa iyo.  Thank you for raising our son to what he is now. I owe you big time. He still has a long way to go into adulthood, but I know you will do your best in rearing him up to be a God-fearing son and ideal citizen to the community and for heaven.  I may no longer have the chance to thank you and bless you for all that you have done to raise him, but the Lord sees your efforts. So, patuloy mo lang yan.  God bless po.

To all dads and father’s out there — this is your day!  Be pampered.  Your wife, children, partner owe you that. May the blessings of being a father remind you how honored and valued you are in the eyes of the Lord.

Happy Father’s Day!

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I Miss You Blog!

Dear Blog,

I miss you.  I miss doing updates on you.  As we were having our audit results consolidation, and I was done with my turn, I took the time to browse the photos in my file, and oh, I missed you so much.

Sana, I can find time soon.

Just be there. Always.


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Waterfalling Adventure Tour Starts Tomorrow!

 photo 1897881_802330109779907_5980498939585927584_n-1.jpg

Yey! The big day starts tomorrow!

It’s Saturday but good thing the trip to the falls will begin later in the afternoon though the welcome party will be at lunch time at Jacko’s!

What is Waterfalling Adventure Tour?

WAT is an event that invites waterfalls enthusiasts individuals from all over the Philppines.  I think it is one of the best way to promote the tourist destinations of the city, the City of Waterfalls!

It is a three day event with Limunsudan falls as the major destination for this year.

I am excited and yes we all are!

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