Summer Trip Starts Tomorrow

Thanks to the Administration of Adventist Medical Center for allowing the workers travel this year.  Two years ago, we went on tour around Mindanao. I knew that was just the start.  Then last year, we rested.  This year, we were approved to go out again. Where? To Northern Luzon.

Me and together with few friends have already been to some part in Northn Luzon, in fact, a part of our itinerary will be an “again” for me and eight of my friends.  This time, we will make it to beyond Pagudpud, in the north of Ilocos. We will also be visiting our sister hospital in Santiago City, the Adventist Hospital – Santiago (formerly Cagayan Valley Sanitarium and Hospital).  Then from there, we will go down to Sagada.

The following photos are some of the places we’ve been to when we toured Ilocos Sur and Norte in February 2013 and possibly will be visiting again this time:

Paoay Church
 photo 553141_10151513384091718_703045897_n.jpg

Heritage Village, Vigan

 photo 544627_10151515182321718_203363287_n.jpg

Bangui Windmills

 photo 599194_10151520623786718_92919409_n1.jpg


 photo 555381_10151520624386718_1102718399_n.jpg

I hope we will be able to stop at this landmark for a group picture taking. =) I was able to make this shot last time because I was sitting in the front.

I am excited for the trip. I have not much idea on what we gonna exactly see or witness during this trip. I do not have a camera. I only have a Galaxy Win phone that takes photo like this, if with good lighting:

 photo 20140222_164509-1.jpg

Thanks to an angel cousin who will allow me to use his camera. :D Rentahan ko sana but he prefers borrow lang. lol! I really miss having my own camera –  a decent one. ^&^

I have made some  trips in the past year that has not been shared in my travel blog, but I hope this time, I will be able to do it.  I  thought I could not travel far this year since I am  schooling, but thank God for the opportunity, I will be able to have a glimpse of Tuguegarao in Cagayan Province, Santiago City in Isabela Province, Banaue in Ifugao Province, and Sagada. Spelunking (caving) will be part of the adventure in Sagada Tour. I am not sure if I can be able to make it because of some health issues, but i am hoping I will! (positive thinking) lol!

So wish me blessings as I will make this trip together with my colleagues (The third batch).  I am flying ahead to Manila because I have a Postcrossing event to attend to.  It is an event that I should not miss if I am in Manila.  I am praying and hoping that all of them can fly to Manila on Sunday without delay especially those who are flying PAL.

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Photographs of Smile

For a Los Angeles Fashion photographer is really tough to get a true smile captured on the camera. For a photographer that works in DisneyLand that’s something happening very often. Fake or not, the smile is still the second best thing we can do with our mouths. This is why I consider the photographs which portray people smiling, really cool.

Of course, photographs that show someone’s teeth having something green stuck in it are not going to be a part of a memorable home photo album or profile pictures on Facebook. But the rest of the photographs which shine with smiles are beautiful and totally worth being posted anywhere you want.

Ask any guy in this world, which is better… The duck face or the smile? Every single one, except the small number of guys who do themselves duck faces, are going to say that the smile is definitely better and it looks amazing in pictures. Now only when the camera is on but generally, happy girls are the prettiest.

Photographs that show people or pets smiling have a special emotion. And yes, I’ve seen dogs and cats smiling, search images on Google. So that special emotion consists in everything that made that person or pet smile. We all know wedding photographs or pictures of people traveling around the world, which portray humans smiling, laughing and having a good time. These kinds of photographs get a big number of likes without showing any cleavage o swag. It’s just nice to see someone having such a bright face, because that’s what happens to your physique when you’re smiling. A picture of someone sharing a positive emotion looks lighter.

I know that life is not that easy and sometimes is really hard to put a smile out there, because you’re feeling down and there is no reason for you to be positive. But when the cameras are on, try to bring a huge smile on your face. A photograph is a memory and you don’t want your memories to be overshadowed by the absence of your smile.

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Happy ” Good Morning” & I’m Singing in the Rain

There are really times when I get hooked to watch music videos on You tube and just awhile back, I am into it again.  For now, the music that made me sway here in my seat are the following:

The “Good Morning” song. Such a happy song!

Then the next one is the song, I’m Singing in the Rain

Both songs are giving me positive vibes just by listening to them. Poor mouse kept clicking on replay now. lol!

How about you? Do you like both music or you just prefer one? Tell me then…

And oh, I wish i can do those foot taps. I love listening to it.

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On Renovation

The classes officially starts now but here in my office is not yet ready.  Why?  because renovation is going on.  At my area a major renovation was going on.  I have to move from one angle of the hall to another.  Last week electrical installation and internet wires were installed to where i am going to move.  Now the function room is next as light fixtures is needed.   Last year it was fixed but now it needs replacement so there was a big work going on there.

At my table spot, the light is not also enough so i think i want ceiling light that will radiate into the whole room.   I was advised that there should be an additional lighting fixed at my area so that my stigmatism won’t get worst.  Well, thanks to that doctor by giving my hope that my eye sight will still improve in the coming years.

The renovation here will be done in a day or so. They are still ordering the stuff needed and i showed the head Farreys.  They wished they can order light fixtures at Citi Hardware  if they cannot find what i like at Home Depot.   I look forward to a more cozier office in the coming weeks. :)

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Electric Guitar for Sale!

632866246322828930 Christmas is not yet near but a friend of mine already made an early wish for a Christmas gift. An electric guitar!

My daughter is into guitar playing but not this electric guitar.  I bought her one years ago but during the flood last December 2011, I was not able to save it.  Half of the body was submerged in water including the violin that was hand down to her by my classmate.

She’s into piano lessons for the past three years and I thought next year she will enroll in a guitar class, but lately she said, she will do the violin.  Okey!  As long as she will keep herself busy to learn and do good at any musical instrument, then I will be simply happy. :)

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Chocolates & Guitars

For now, I would pick guitar! I wanna learn how to play the guitar than eating chocolates. I am not really fun of chocolates. I just love collecting them and also give them as sweet treats to kids or a friend. I am more of chocolate cakes and ice creams than the chocolate candies or bars. So when I am good in playing the guitar then maybe I can also try to learn how to play korg r3 from guitar center. Maybe the daughter can teach me the basics on how to read notes then I can start simple music with a Korg.

A white chocolate from New Zealand!

 photo 20140318_134228.jpg

and a keychain! Thanks mucho to the donors. I so love the keychain. It’s an additional to my collection.

The chocolate?  I will just save this in my bag for future use, maybe in class. lol!

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The Big Event | Consecration Night

It is the closing week-end at the campus of my former Alma Mater.  And this time, my daughter is gonna be a part of it, so naturally, me too!

I was there early Friday morning because we plan to go to Cagayan de Oro.  But it was cancelled due to her unfinished clearance.  She did not have her toga yet.  So I just waited on her. After an hour or so, she arrived with this —

 photo 20140314_094134resized.jpg

So at last, she’s graduating. lol! Just because she got the toga. I understand she was not yet able to submit to her English teacher a copy of the speech she gonna do on Sunday but she assured me she’s gonna do it that is why we will go back to Iligan so that she can access the internet.

I thought she could not made it to march – the first march of the weekend. It rained so hard that time is slipping by and we were still in the office. The rain stuck us there.  My stress was beginning to mount but I prayed hard that it will stop.  When it stopped, it was past five in the afternoon. I was aiming that we will reach the campus at least at six, so we took the aircon bus. The daughter was worried because the fare is expensive. I told her that she has to chose, gamble a seventy pesos each of us and she can make it to march, or we would wait the twenty-five pesos each of us, fare in the regular bus, and surely she will not make it — so she just kept quiet after that.

 photo DSC_0672resized.jpg

The first march. :)

 photo DSC_0677resized.jpg

And the marching done. After awhile, they were asked to take their seat.

 photo DSC_0697resized.jpg

Pr. Ephraim Pitogo gave the consecration message as well as the consecration prayer.

The next photos shows her recessional march:

 photo DSC_0735resized.jpg

 photo DSC_0737resized.jpg

After the recessional, they went back to their seats for announcements. Me and my fellow “single” parents had our share of photo sessions, too! Feeling stage moms talaga, but I will share details in it another post.

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Personal Big Event Coming Up

This weekend is a big weekend for me as a mom, as my eldest child, my only daughter will be graduating from high school.

 photo cropped.jpg

It’s a big event because we are going to have a party? No! We will not even have a family get together after.  We will just have a simple lunch at the cafeteria after the ceremony.  I thought we will have it at home the evening of Sunday, but she still cannot come yet because they are going some place on Monday and will be back on campus Thursday.

It’s a big evening because it’s more for me.  One is, I still can’t fully believe that I have now a young adult as my child.  I can imagine the hardship I went through and knowing that she will march down the aisle to receive her diploma seems a proud moment for me who stands as a single parent to her.  I know that I owe it to many people the success of this moment.  I know that these significant people will also be proud of her.

My mom — one of the most significant person in my daughter’s life. I feel sad that she was not able to witness this moment anymore.  I know my mom would have loved to witness the graduation and even the college graduation, but her life ended before these events in natural way.  So we will just think that she is happy for her apo and for us who will be able to witness Dimple received her diploma.

At this point, I wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone of you. No need to mention names. You know who you are.



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