Sprinkler Vs Soaker Hose: Which Is a Better Choice


The sprinklers and soaker hose remain the most popular system for your manual irrigation. One of the best ways to keep these hose looking clean as new is to get a hose reel. Hose reels with 2 years warranty offers the best value for money.

However you can’t make use of both at the same time, therefore you have to choose between these two.

This might not be a very easy task. Hence the need for this article. This article carefully points out the similarities and differences between these two systems enabling you to make a choice based on your specific needs.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the discussion under the following headings.

Cheap Solutions for Soil Soaking

Have you been in the gardening business long enough? If yes, you must have realized that the most efficient systems are the ones with the ability to sufficiently soak plant soil with water.

Both the sprinklers and soaker hoses can perform this function without stress. Their mode of operation is unlike the traditional watering can that waters from top to down.

Too much moisture on the leaves of plants can cause serious damages especially if the plant is a delicate one. This is one of the reasons why you need a soaker or a sprinkler hose. It also makes your job faster.

Are Sprinklers Better Than Soaker Hoses?

Although most sprinkler hoses are designed to be applied specifically, they can still be useful in many other cases. What this means is that even though a sprinkler is designed for a particular function, it can still perform other functions in cases of emergencies.

A soaker hose is built in such a way that water trickles down the entire length of the tub. This method is particularly important when you want water to be directed to the plant root.

In a sprinkler hose, both the features of a water sprinkler and that of a soaker are combined. If your garden has a complicated structure, it is best to get a sprinkler hose. The sprinkler hose can be adjusted at intervals to cover every nook and cranny of your garden.

However, these sprinklers have their bad side too. They are generally flat and the openings are not on each side of the hose. This means that to get the job done, you must be conscious of positioning at all times.

Secondly, it is not advisable to use a sprinkler hose in a garden where crops are planted so close to each other. This is because such placement can have a bad effect on the crops, leaving some parts water logged and other parts with little water.

Similarities between Sprinkler Hose and Soakers

Both systems have many features in common. First, they both require a simple inexpensive setup. Just attach them to a standard water valve and you are good to go. In all, they are cost-effective, probably why they are popular amongst local gardeners.

Another similarity is that both can be automated so you don’t always have to keep a close eye while watering the garden.


In comparison with soakers, sprinkler hoses are still quite new. And for the while they have been around, they have made an immense contribution to many local gardens. Both have been confirmed durable and choosing between the two should depend strictly on individual needs.


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