4 Facts About Extension Cord Reels


Most home and industrial equipment require power to function, and extension cords are a perfect solution. However, having cords without a reel is not an ideal situation. Long cords can be a safety hazard if left lying on the ground. Extension cord reels offer suitable storage and a smooth winding and unwinding of the cord, leaving your space neat and organized. You can get different types of extension cord reels from a hardware store or the Giraffetools site (https://giraffetools.com/products/giraffe-tools-retractable-extension-cord-reel) for high-quality equipment. In this article, we discuss facts about extension cord reels.

Facts About Extension Cord Reels

We look at the different types of extension cord reel and their price range below.

Types of Extension Cord Reels

a. Indoor Extension Cord Reels

These reels are used mainly for medium-duty machines or appliances like clocks, drilling, lamps, etc. They come in varying lengths and can either be grounded or ungrounded. Grounded reels have three-pronged plugs whereby the plug has a ground wire that minimizes the risk of electric shock or fires. Ungrounded reels have two-pronged plugs that lack the protective safety feature of a ground cord. Most indoor extension cord reels have low wattage; however, high wattage reels are also available for use on appliances that demand more power.

b. Outdoor Extension Cord Reels

Outdoor reels are designed to operate outside but can also be used indoors; however, indoor reels are not meant to be used outside. Materials used to make them are strong, sturdy and durable; hence the deterioration rate is slow, and they last long. They are also corrosion-resistant, but it depends on the metal used for construction. The reels do well in both high and low temperatures, so they can be used in any zone all year round.

c. Contractor Extension Cord Reels

The wattage of these reels is usually very high and are stronger than other reels, making them ideal for use on job sites. In addition, they work well in very low and high temperatures, and their casing resists both chemicals and oil.

d. Extension Cord Reels Costs

Several factors affect the cost of reels, including their purpose, brand, length, thickness, amps and number of outlets. For example, long cord reels are more expensive than small reels since they are more versatile. In addition, reels with thicker cords carry more power, meaning they cost more to operate hence a higher price tag. For heavy-duty machines, a high voltage reel is the best; however, you spend more on them than low voltage reels. Indoor reels or medium-duty reels cost less than outdoor/ heavy-duty reels. Indoor reels can be bought for as low as 20 dollars, while the more advanced reels are priced at 100 or more dollars. Extension cord reels that are fairly priced have good quality and still perform well have their price range between 50 and 70 dollars.

Final Words

When buying an extension cord reel, ask the seller to help you differentiate the types available. Then, identify one that’s ideal for your intended use and fits your budget. An ideal reel doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it works well and the quality is right.


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