Creative Customizable Journal Ideas


As humans, documenting ideas and memories have been something we’ve done since the beginning of mankind. It’s hard to pinpoint when and where the first journal was created, but we can all agree it is an often underappreciated item.

In search of creative customizable journal ideas, here are some journal types you could easily customize.

Custom travel journal

Travel journals are probably one of the earliest types of journals since they were used and still being used to describe destinations and note down interesting discoveries. A good custom travel journal should have both lined pages and blank ones. The lined pages would serve for good storytelling, while the blank can be used for sketches and image documentaries. Have it made in a size you can easily carry around. Also, create an area to record time and date on each page — lined or blanked!

Custom recipe journal

It’s almost easy to take those recipes with a well-detailed journal in hand. If you have gifted hands or fingers in the kitchen, a custom recipe journal is your gateway to highlight new, old, and modified recipes. Since it’s custom-made, leave out spaces for pictures. Attach pictures of the recipes you’ve tried out so you and others can remember what they look like. You can easily share this with friends and families or see it as a blueprint for a cookbook in the future.

Inspirational quotes journal

Everyone needs some form of motivation every once in a while. Motivational/inspirational quotes can be uplifting, especially when they are read when they’re most needed. A custom inspirational quote journal helps you document your favorite quotes as you come across them. You can have the journal pages categorized so funny, serious, or thought-provoking quotes appear on certain parts of the journal. That way, you know which part of the journal to visit, depending on your mood.

Custom sketchbook journal

If you’re artistically inclined, a sketchbook always comes in handy to store ideas that pop through your mind. A sketchbook journal would serve as a way to see your growth process over time. Rather than just doodle on any piece of paper, with a custom sketchbook, you can include dates. This helps you draw a timeframe on how long you spent on each project.

Custom writer’s journal

With a custom writer’s journal, you can easily scribble down ideas anywhere and at any time. Some of the world’s renowned writers have journals where many of their bestselling books started out as just ideas. The good thing about these customizable journals is that they allow you to design the journal pages in a way that’ll easily influence your writing. You can have the pages divided in two so the journal doesn’t look disorganized with random scribblings.


In a world of mobile phones and computers, journals still play an important role in the life of many creatives. Unlike in the past when one had to settle with the design and outline of general journals, it’s easy to have customizable journals designed in the way you best seem fit.


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