Everything About Shower With Two Heads


The shower with two heads also known as dual shower heads are relatively convenient in all ways in comparison to single shower heads.  Once you see everything about dual shower heads in detail you will definitely know why they are the best type of shower heads.

In this article, we will see about dual head showers, a splendid list of characteristics of dual head showers, stunning advantages of dual head showers, and the uniqueness of Declinko products.

Characteristics Of Dual Head Shower

We will now see a splendid list of characteristics of dual head showers. This includes 360-degree swivel joint and durable, and rust-proof.

1. 360 Degree Swivel Joint

The 360-degree swivel joint allows the shower head to stay in one place yet move in multiple directions. It basically allows an individual to move it in 360 degrees. By being able to move in multidirectional ways the 360-degree swivel joint is a characteristic that exhibits great efficiency.

2. Durable And Rust Proof

Any person who seeks to purchase anything for a matter of fact looks into the details of its durability in the hopes it stays for a long time in the long run in the best condition possible. In that way, these dual head showers have great durability and are even rust-proof.

Stunning Advantages

We will now see the stunning advantages of dual head showers. This includes variable water pressure and a water-saving mechanism.

1. Variable Water Pressure

A stunning advantage of these dual head showers is the fact that they have variable water pressure. According to your purpose, you can adjust the water pressure of the shower heads.

2. Water Saving Mechanism

Everyone loves to save water because saving water means saving your water bills at the same time. Luckily these dual shower heads are equipped with water saving mechanism. This is also considered a sustainable approach to living.

Uniqueness In Declinko Products

We will now see the uniqueness in Declinko products which includes adjustable height of rail, 180 degrees swivel bracket, equipped with the diverter valve, and multifunctional handheld shower.

1. Adjustable Height Of Rail

Wouldn’t it be great if one was able to adjust the height of the rail of a shower head as they wish? If you are looking for a dual shower head that has an option that allows people to adjust the height of the rails then you should consider buying one from Declinko.

2. 180 Degrees Swivel Bracket

Declinko products are equipped with 180 degrees swivel brackets which implies that these swivel brackets allow an individual to adjust the angle to their preference. This enables convenience to the maximum.

3. Equipped With Diverter Valve

These dual shower heads are equipped with the diverter valve. A diverter valve allows the water to flow from the faucet and the showerhead. It basically switches the flow of water according to the person when operated. When the diverter valve is open then the water flows through the faucet because that is the direct way and when it is closed, there is a change in the flow of water as the water pressure goes back to the showerhead so as a result, the water flows from the shower head.

4. Multifunctional Hand Held Shower

The handheld shower option opens to the possibility of using it for multiple purposes making it a multifunctional handheld shower.


Dual shower heads available on Declinko are highly recommended because it caters according to filter by color which includes black, black & yellow gold, chrome, and matt black. There is also an interesting filter by shape which includes round and square.


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