The Best Giraffe Tools Garden Hose Reel!


If you’re lucky enough to have your garden or backyard in your house, you might know that its maintenance is not a piece of cake. Taking care of your garden is like looking after a newborn baby. You must give it attention and water it daily. That is where the hose reel comes in. They save your time and energy by making your watering task easy by an extensive amount.

Now, a question arises, which garden hose reel should you go for? Which one has all the essential features that you need in your daily life? Well, to make your life a little easier, this article will answer all the queries you have regarding the best garden hose reel for you!

A Giraffe Tools retractable heavy-duty garden hose reel is the best available option that you should consider if you want to have that perfect fit! Here is precisely what we mean:

A Custom-Made Hose:

This giraffe tools hose reel comes with a customized ½” hose with a small coefficient of expansion. It means that when there’s a change in the water pressure, the hose will not have an apparent impact over a large amount. The thickness of the pipe will also stay unaffected. Another plus point to include is that the hose will not bend or twist quickly boosting its durability.

Wall-Mounted Style:

One of the key features this hose reel offers is its ability to be mounted on a wall. A wall-mounted design is preferable in contrast to a floor-mounted one as it occupies less space in your garden. The assembling before you start watering your lawn is also made less time-consuming with this quality.

Steady Retractable System:

The Giraffe hose reel is fabricated to such a degree that it has a dual fitting i.e. fits both 90ft and 130ft hose. This is advantageous for people with spacious gardens as it’s a hectic task to water every inch. The unique retractable system can easily coil the hose with just one gentle pull at an even speed. It also provides 180 degrees swiveling so it’s easy to rotate it at different angles and get every corner of your garden.

A Nozzle with Nine Different Modes:

A nozzle is the most crucial and budget-friendly part of a spraying system. This garden hose reel comes with 9 modes making you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether a part of your garden requires a flat fan pattern or a solid stream one, the giraffe garden hose reel has got you covered for all your needs.

High-Quality Materials:

Giraffe Tools has made sure to use effective and convenient materials for the production of its hose reels. A polypropylene casing that has little or no effect from extreme changes in weather with aluminum-coated joints made from copper making it crush-proof. Furthermore, the micro shield is abrasive-free and protects the hose from molds all sorts of microbes.


The giraffe tools retractable garden hose reel is something that everyone should consider having in their gardens. It includes a guide with instructions for easy assembling so you can conserve both time and strength. The hose provides a firm grip while its nozzle’s button action makes spraying and watering your garden a hassle-free task.


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