The Three Main Types Of Retractable Hose Reels


Hoses are highly applied products. They are used in various industries like gardening, firefighting, beverage, fuel, and cleaning. While these products are highly beneficial, they can also be challenging to use. The most challenging bit of using hoses is folding them manually and storing them after usage. Doing this can be time-consuming, exhausting, and often frustrating. More often than not, improper winding can result in the bending and cracking of your hose, especially during the summer. Hose reels are intended to eliminate these issues. Hose reels with a stable retractable system are especially beneficial. Often known as automatic or self-retracting hose reels, retractable hose reels are great for several applications.

Types of retractable hose reels

Retractable or automatic hose reels are a unique style of hose reel. However, they can also be broken down into other types. Below are these types;

1. Auto-rewind retractable hose reels

Auto-rewind automatic hose reels are also known as spring-driven hose reels. These products are designed with special springs in a cassette. With an auto-rewind retractable hose reel, the springs in the cassette get tighter as you pull the hose from the reel. The tightness is a result of tension build-up within the springs as the hose is unwound. Therefore, when you let go of the hose, the spring unwinds or releases the tension and pulls the hose to the reel. This means that the springs are responsible for the winding action.

It is worth mentioning that auto-rewind hose reels usually come with a locking ratchet. The role of the locking ratchet is to allow you to lock the hose in place after you have pulled the desired length. Therefore, when you are done using the hose, you have to release the hose and give it a slight tag. The hose will automatically retract to the reel without any further assistance.

An advantage of this type of automatic hose reel is that it does not require a power source. This means that it is cheap to run and can be used anywhere. However, there is also a downside. This is that you have to use a lot of effort when pulling the hose because of the tightening of the springs.

2. Battery-operated retractable hose reels

This is a great option because there is no resistance when pulling the hose reel. With a battery-operated automatic hose reel, all you have to do is push a button, and the hose will retract. This makes it an incredible option for seniors. However, these hose reels are more expensive than the former.

3. Motor-driven retractable hose reel

These automatic hose reels come with a robust and stable motor, which are ideal for commercial applications. It is also used for long hoses. Therefore, they would not make an excellent option for home use. They need a power source to operate, hence making them expensive and limiting their area of application.


When choosing between the three types of retractable hose reels above, always remember to consider how they operate and their cost. Regardless, each of the types is beneficial and incredible in its own right.


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