What Is The Proper Way to Wash Windows With a Pressure Washer


Giraffe tools pressure washer is a device made to clean any type of surface from the hardest to the softest. However, for materials as delicate as windows, you require a lot of skill. Yes, you can use your pressure washers to clean your windows, especially when it is a window that is made with pure glass. There are windows made with mostly steel and a little bit of glass. Regardless of how tricky cleaning windows with a pressure washer can be, it is still the most viable option. Trying to manually clean a window with your hand can be very annoying. You first need to clean the windows inside, then you need to go back outside to clean the outer part. If the window is on the second floor, you will need to climb a ladder to clean it, which is a bit risky. Even if the window is on the ground floor, you will require a lot of energy and time because of the back and forth. Also, many windows come with complex designs to ensure aesthetics. The most annoying part of window cleaning is you are not assured of a clean window the next day. During summer, there is a lot of wind that bears dust. So you may clean the window today and it will get dust tomorrow. For someone cleaning the window manually, it will be frustrating, but if you are cleaning it with a pressure washer, you will get your pressure washer to clean it.

Pressure washers do not give you any form of stress when you are cleaning. What you need to be sure of is the water coming into the window. After that, all you need to concern yourself about is controlling your nozzle. The force from the pressure washer is the cleaning and rinsing force at the same time. However, you have to be careful about the kind of pressure you use on your windows. In this guide, we will discuss how you can pressure wash your windows safely.

Cover up all other surroundings

Your windows are usually aligned with the building, and beneath or beside the windows, there is always a fragile material. Yes, the force from your pressure washer should be low since it is the window you are arranging,  however, you need to protect every other material. For instance, if you are pressure washing your windows from the inner part of the house, the best thing to do is to clear all tables and chairs. These items are not the goal; it is the windows. Therefore, you need to get them out of the way.

Close windows tightly

When you are washing your windows with a pressure washer, ensure you close it tight. If you do not close the window from within while washing, the force from the pressure washer will push it. If the force is too much, you may end up breaking your window.


Cleaning your window with a pressure washer may scare you, but it is possible. However, if you still have fear after reading the steps in this guide, maybe you need to hire an expert to help.


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